About InnoFair


What is Innofair?

At Innofair, we combine a second-hand concept with a passion for football. Our goal is to make the love for football accessible to everyone, especially for children. We observe that the prices of football items have rapidly increased, making them unaffordable for many people. Therefore, we offer second-hand football clothing at attractive prices. 


What does Innofair stand for?InnoFoot founders at the Innofairs

Innofair strives to seek creative and innovative solutions for various problems in the world. On one hand, it is a sustainable solution to give clothing that would otherwise be forgotten or discarded a second life. On the other hand, we offer our clothing at prices that are accessible to everyone, allowing everyone the opportunity to participate in the sport they love so much.

What do we do?

Currently, we collaborate with various local football clubs to present our project during their tournaments. We have already had the opportunity to present our project at 2 youth tournaments, one at Ritterklub Jette and one at Zennester Hombeek. We are delighted to see how our initiative is being received by the community. Here is one of our satisfied customers: 

 tevreden klant