VIP System

Without our dearest customers, the growth we've been experiencing wouldn't be able! 😁

So in exchange for their thrust and loyalty, we created a new VIP system where we reward our most loyal customers. 

There are 4 levels of our VIP system: 

1. Bronze Tier

Whenever someone becomes a member and subscribes to the newsletter, they receive the Bronze status and a 10% discount. This is the lowest level of our community, but no worries, it is very easy to get to that Silver Tier.

2. Silver Tier

Level 2 of our customer system. By collecting a total of 1000 points you enter the Silver Tier. Here you can discover a nice 15% discount. It only gets better...

3. Gold Tier

The Gold Tier is the second best tier you can enter. A nice 25% discount is waiting for you. We see members of the Gold Tier as our real friends. Get the honor of getting on our Instagram's best friends list. Last but not least, the drop will be announced the Wednesday before the real drop and you can pre-order a shirt. Just follow us and send us a message on Instagram when you reached Gold.

4. Platinum Tier

Our Gods! These members are the real deal! In what other way can we celebrate becoming a Platinum Member by offering a free mystery shirt? Enjoy it! 🏆🤝